Reflections of Life: Meridiem Collector’s Edition

The Star Goddess’s descent is a centennial celebration of the sharing spirit and delicate balance that keeps the worlds of Meridiem alive. But this time, something has gone terribly wrong. A cosmic imbalance has set off a chain of events that threatens to end all life on each of Meridiem’s worlds, and it’s up to Grace, a brave Guardian of the Order, and her faithful owl, to recover the sacred twinkle from each world to restore the Star Goddess’s heart before it’s too late! Prepare yourself for a world-hopping adventure as you guide Grace through challenges and puzzles to save Meridiem in this astonishing new Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Create a better future for the children of Meridiem in the bonus game!
  • Earn achievements and view them in your gallery.
  • Tons of collectible items to find, including unique butterfly wings and stars!
  • Tip the cosmic scales in your favor with a strategy guide!
  • Downloadable music and wallpaper bring Meridiem’s worlds right to your desktop!